About Us:

Cozy Love Pants were created by two Women as a joke to spark a little romance.  

"I used to get home from work before my husband and immediately rip off my bra and pants at the door.  I'd slip into my sweats and relax on the couch until my husband came home.  After months of this, he finally said - "Do you think you could wear your work clothes when I get home, so you look nice?"  My response was, "well what if I cut a hole in my sweats, for easy access?" 
 And there, Cozy Love Pants were born.
Cozy Love Pants, have an easy zip opening that brings new meaning to loungewear.  These trendy joggers are made with an extremely soft high quality cotton-blend, and will be your go-to after work sweats.  Cozy Love Pants are made with invisible zippers for a discreet look, and look like any other sweats - but only you will know the little secret.  They blend comfort, function and a little bit of excitement.  
It started as a joke, but then they thought of all the possibilities.  It might be funny, but it's also a whole lot of fun! 


Patent Pending

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