The Easiest Pants you never knew you needed!

Stylish, comfortable, and practical sweatpants, made with discreet invisible zipper openings. Two opening styles for men, Full Access or Front Access!

A portion of every purchase is donated to the American Wheelchair Mission.

Cozy Love Pants
  • Brand New Wedding Wear!

    Super Soft Tanks & Tees

  • Mrs & Bridesmaids Tees

    Soft heathered tees with silver glitter

  • Wedding Wear!

    Bride & Soft Pink Bridesmaid Tanks

  • Ultimate Wedding Gift

    Discreet Easy-Open Pants

  • Ultimate Wedding Gift

    Discreet Easy-Open Pants

Real Customer Reviews

Rebecca R. (Kelowna, B.C.)

"I love going camping and hiking in Peachland BC, and the first item packed is always my Cozy Love Pants!  They make using the bathroom so much easier, and my buns stay toasty! 

Stacey W. (Boston, MA)

"My legs always get cold when we're having sex, these pants helped with that!  There's also something really sexy and naughty about having sex in pants.  Almost like you're not supposed to.  It's definitely made it much more intense!"

Frank A. (Dallas, TX)

"When I put these pants on as a joke for my wife, I always end up getting some!  A joke that leads to sex, what can be better?